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Subjects include conscious leadership, cowboy economics, systems dynamics, humanity's adolescence, planetary consciousness, creative tension, global mind change, paradigm shifts, stand-taking, human destiny, context v. content and  the conscious organization.



Getting to the Better Future:
A Matter of Conscious Choosing

by John Renesch

NewBusinessBooks, San Francisco, New Edition, July 2005
(ISBN 0-9610228-0-9)

John Renesch puts forth a vision for historic transformation for all humankind. It pictures a global future full of possibilities - a much "better future" than the one that appears most likely if we rely upon probabilities and forecasts based on existing trends. Not only that, but the author points directly to the business community as the segment of our society that can best lead the rest of the world in such an incredible transition for all humanity. The elements of this book that can be viewed here include:

[Link to author's website: Renesch.com]


NEW! download 2005 edition "Epilogue" - for readers who have older editions

(the new 2005 edition, available after July 1, 2005, includes this Epilogue)